Beach Party for the Mazatlan International Motorcycle Week 2022 changes venue


A complainant forced the bikers to move the headquarters of the Beach Party

MAZATLAN.- If you were already with one foot in the 2022 International Motorcycle Week Beach Party, you better read this, because it changed venue.

Initially, it was planned that the beach event would take place in a field between El CID and the DoubleTree, however, due to a complaint, it had to be changed.

The organizer of the event, Paulo Orozco, said that the change of venue affects dozens of people who come from abroad to promote their products.

At the International Motorcycle Week Beach Party, there is a tattoo and bikini contest, and motorcycle tuning.

Where is the new headquarters?  It will be on a piece of land located below the first bridge of the Marina, where the fishing tournaments are held.

The Mazatlan Post