The Motorcycle Week party extends to the ‘Kraken’


The Mazatlán FC board is already getting ready to make the stadium vibrate not only with the match against Santos Laguna but also with other activities.

MAZATLAN.- The party in the city continues to the surface and tonight is no exception, Mazatlán FC will receive Santos Laguna at home, with the obligation to get the three points to maintain the dream of getting into the playoffs in this tournament. The game will be at 8:00 p.m., but there will be other activities hours before. 

For this, the direct gunboat will enlist a “party man” at the “Kraken” stadium on the occasion of the celebrations of the International Motorcycle Week, among the promotions it is included that all the baikers who want to enjoy the duel will be able to do so for only 99 pesos.  

The system is simple, motorcyclists must present themselves at the stadium with their motorcyclist driver’s license to access the special price, and arriving with their two-wheeled vehicle will be able to enter the parking lot for free.  

But this party will not only be dedicated to motorcyclists but will also follow the Maz United for Children campaign, which consists of collecting toys to be delivered to all minors in need, mainly those who live in five shelters in the city on the occasion of Children’s Day.  

The toy drive will continue in Plaza Acaya until April 30; however, during tonight’s game, we will seek to increase the volume of toys, which must be new or used, that do not require the use of batteries, and that are not warlike.  

The institutions that will benefit from the toys are Florecer, Salvation Army, Mazatlan Autism, Casa Hogar San Pablo, and Mazatlan Orphanage. The donated toys will be delivered during the first week of May.  


The Mazatlan Post