Mazatlan’s Pacific Cosplay Cup returned with incredible costumes


MAZATLAN.- It’s back! Every year, Mazatlan is the place where great characters from Asian cinema, anime, and video games meet to compete in the traditional Pacific Cosplay Cup. 

A cup that aims to serve as a national cosplay contest, where representatives from different states of Mexico participate as a tournament. In fact, the young man with the best costume achieves a direct pass to the competition at the national level. 

Just yesterday, the Pacific Cosplay Cup brought together more than five thousand young people in a two-day event, where everyone expressed themselves through creativity, the personification of favorite characters, and the demonstration of their talents. 

But that’s not all, in addition to the incredible costumes there are little shops that offer you original products from your favorite dramas, anime, movies, and series.

As well as other items that can help you complete your wardrobe such as movies, swords (toys), makeup, etc.  

Yesterday was the last day, The Pacific Cosplay Cup 2022 Mazatlan took place at the Lions Club facilities, access had a cost of 140 pesos as recovery, from 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m.; children under 8 entered free. 

The event is coordinated by the CCP Mazatlán youth group and supported by the municipal government through the Municipal Youth Institute and Plaza Acaya.

The Mazatlan Post