This hotel in Mazatlan takes care of its guests with a drone


Although it is a pilot plan that will be at Hotel The Inn, the idea of ​​Robotics Airspace is to replicate it in the rest of the accommodations in Mazatlan.

MAZATLAN.- On the beaches and public areas of the Hotel The Inn At Mazatlan, an unusual device will be watching you and no, we are not talking about Superman.

It is a life-saving drone, an instrument with which they manage to provide security to their guests and to all those who are within surveillance range.

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Eduardo Guízar Sainz, director of Robotics Airspace, explains that it is a pilot plan between people who are experts in handling drones and specialists in search and rescue and the lodging center.

“The main interest of the administrators of this complex is that their guests are always safe and cared for, that they have a stay that is not only comfortable, but safe, inside the pool as well as on the beach, there are those who come for the first time and they have to be aware of them to avoid a scare that breaks with their calm stay”, he declared.

Surveillance from drones, he pointed out, is to provide security and protection to all, because, as they say, there is nothing more treacherous than sea currents and if we do not know how to swim, we can suffer from mishaps that we do not want to regret.

“Guests should know that their children, that their husbands will be well cared for inside the pool and the sea, and not only on land, but also from the air,” said Guízar Sainz.

In the first report, a bather was observed who fell from the banana and remained in the water for a while and some time later his companions returned for him before something tragic happened, in case there was no drone, the help would have been delayed.

“That is the advantage of drone surveillance, since it has a greater range of vision and the rescue can be faster and more effective, in seconds the rescue plan can be drawn up,” he stressed.

He called on other hoteliers to implement similar surveillance systems and thus there would be a network of coordinated drones to keep people who come to visit Mazatlan safe.

The pilot plan at the Hotel Inn At Mazatlan began on Thursday and will end on Sunday and is implemented during the times of greatest influx of bathers.

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