Only 5.24 percent of Sinaloans participate in revocation of mandate vote


In Sinaloa until ten at night with the computation of 371 voting booths, 117 thousand 275 citizens had voted, of them, one hundred eleven thousand 853 voted for AMLO to stay.

Sinaloa.- According to the computations of Revocation of Mandate that it carried out this Sunday until ten at night the National Electoral Institute had computed 371 polling stations of the 1,346 that were installed and 117,275 citizens had voted, that is, the share was 5.24 percent.

According to the computed minutes, one hundred and eleven thousand 853 Sinaloans voted for López Obrador to continue as president and four thousand 328 that the mandate be revoked and one thousand 094 votes were annulled.

Likewise, according to the information provided at nine o’clock at night, the Local Executive Board of the INE Sinaloa, up to that moment, had been computed 79 minutes of the 1,346 electoral packages of the installed polling places.

Of these, it was reported that District One had not yet received its first package, so the district calculation had not yet begun. In District eleven there were only eleven valid tally sheets, which represents 5.9 percent of the total.

In District Three, up to 9:00 p.m., there were 24 records computed, which represents 12.12 percent of the total number of packages. District Four of Guasave, has two valid records computed, which represents 1.06 percent, in addition to a recounted package.

District five of Culiacán has three valid certificates computed, which represents 1.61 percent of the total. Mazatlan, District Six, has 14 valid certificates already computed, which represents eight percent of the total.

In District Seven with its head in Culiacán, it already has 24 valid tally sheets, which represents 12 percent of the total, thus having 79 counted tally sheets. However, it was clarified that until that time there was already a total of 124 tally sheets.


The Mazatlan Post