Health first! Mazatlan Tourist Zone will have modules for COVID exams


In these measures applied by the Ministry of Health, they will also do work in the fight against dengue, the rural area of ​​​​Mazatlán is being treated, says the head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction number 5

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- To guarantee greater sanitary control and the tourists who will enjoy the beaches of Mazatlán, during this holiday period of Holy Week and Easter, rule out all risks or clear up doubts in the face of a symptom related to COVID, the Sanitary Jurisdiction will set up checkpoints or tests on the virus, announced Africa Carrasco Valenzuela.

The head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction number 5 in Mazatlan, noted that these points will be located in the tourist strip, and open to apply the exams to those who so wish, as was applied during the International Carnival, and in this way, provide greater tranquility to bathers and not to lose biosecurity measures.

“In the modules that we are going to have this Easter, because COVID-19 samples are going to continue to be taken from people who present signs and symptoms or who want to be tested, and promotion for health in COVID, in dengue in what is heat stroke, due to the situation in which the heat is already beginning to be felt, and in dengue we started with the operation that it is Holy Week, we have already done what is Quelite, the Island of the Stone, Villa Union”.

Carrasco Valenzuela, emphasized that in these measures to combat dengue they contemplate a distribution of 100 liters of malathion to combat this fly, in addition to the fact that the actions are carried out in rural areas, where they estimate there will also be visits from tourists.


The Mazatlan Post