Mazatlan tourists already saturating the city prior to official easter holiday season


Although the official flag of the operation will be given next Tuesday, surveillance for the safety of those who are already in the port is permanent

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The secretary of the Mazatlán City Council, Edgar González Zatarain, announced that according to the latest reports Mazatlán is already ver 90 percent in influx of visitors with the tendency to reach 100 percent this weekend.

“There are people who came to stay all week and we are already seeing most of the hotels saturated, completely full and obviously we already see even some saturated roads because practically this has already started, but the strongest comes on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. and Saturday, which is when the Mazatlecos go out to spread out and with that they complement each other and make themselves look stronger,” he added.


González Zatarain, maintained that, although the official flag of the operation will be given next Tuesday the 12th, surveillance for the safety of those who are already in the port is permanent.

“It is already permanent, of course the strongest starts on Wednesday. There are those who arrive on Wednesday or Thursday who are the ones who have reservations, that’s why the operation is on Tuesday to be able to be in conditions, ”he added.


He called on locals and tourists to report any anomaly since abuses by the guardians of order will not be allowed, but neither by citizens who abuse tourists and Mazatlan citizens themselves.

“We will be very attentive, but the complaint is necessary, if the signaling is necessary. Let them make the complaints, there are many telephones, there will be tarpaulins with information to make complaints to both Public Security, 911, CAPTA and in the other neighborhoods we are going to be permanently working because we are practically in charge of this, “he added.

May be an image of car, outdoors and text that says 'TAXIS LOCALES TRANSPORTE PÚBLICO PULMONÍAS AURIGAS'
Dear Tourist or Citizen:
To make complaints, reports or any type of observation about public transport, you can send a message directly to the phone number 669 533 6313 or send a message through the Vialidad y Transportes Facebook page:
If possible, said complaint can be supported with video, photo, or any type of evidence where the reason for the disagreement is stated, which ranges from excessive fares, not respecting sanitary measures, excess volume, excess passengers, or for any reason. another reason.
The Roads and Transportation Delegation, if required, will apply sanctions to those units and drivers who incur in any type of offense.


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