Which Mazatlan beaches are suitable for bathing and which are dangerous


 April 5, 2022

Mazatlán has a wide expanse of sea, but many areas are rocky which can create danger for those who do not know the area

MAZATLÁN.- The Easter holiday period is just around the corner, and it is expected from April 10, a date that coincides with the celebration of Palm Sunday, Mazatlán is at its maximum influx of both locals and tourists, who, like every year, will seek to take advantage of the Mazatlan beaches throughout the holiday. 

Given the large flow of people expected in the port, elements of the Mazatlan Aquatic Squad recommend knowing the safest beaches in the port to bathe and take all the necessary care, respecting the indications in each of them.  

It is worth mentioning that just as there are some safe points along the coast, there are also areas that have dangerous conditions and where the tide rises too high since the port has more than 20 kilometers of beach.  

One of the safest areas is Playa Pinitos, but this is suitable for staying on the shore, because although it seems calm, you should not forget that it is a rocky area and at any time there can be hedgehogs, just like in Cerritos and Valentinos. .  

Undoubtedly, Playa Brujas is one of the areas with complicated sea currents, as are the beaches to the north of the city, due to the fact that it is open sea, so extreme care is advised. 

Olas Altas is an area very frequented by locals and tourist, but before entering it you should ask the lifeguards since it has many changes. 

Among the safest beaches for bathing are in front of the Sands Las Arenas hotel, as well as those found in Isla de la Piedra, Pueblo Bonito, Costa de Oro, and in front of the Hotel Gaviana. 

To know  

Along the coastal area, flags will be placed to indicate the conditions on each of the beaches, so it is important to know their meaning or ask the lifeguards or rescuers. 

White pennant: Indicates that there are jellyfish 

Yellow flag: Means caution 

Pennant with the image of the manta ray: Presence of manta rays 

Red flag: Danger, do not enter the sea. 

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