What is the Fiesta del Mar de las Cabras, and when is it held? check the details


The Fiesta del Mar de Las Cabras is a 118-year-old tradition in Escuinapa, Sinaloa

ESCUINAPA.- The most deeply rooted festival of the people of Escuinapa is, without a doubt, the Fiesta del Mar de Las Cabras.

This celebration was born 118 years ago, at a time when the moon is at its maximum splendor and illuminates the beaches of Escuinapa, known as Las Cabras, and that for 2022 it plans to take place from May 20 to 23.  

En Escuinapa ya comienzan preparativos para las fiestas de Las Cabras - Los  Noticieristas

But what is this celebration about?

Hundreds of families gather for three days at Las Cabras beach. Families are loaded with clothes, food, furniture, and everything necessary to assemble the “carnitas asada” in front of the sea. But it is not only sand, sun and beach, but there is also a stage with musical groups and even bikini contests. In 2018, La Banda El Recodo was presented; Chuy Lizárraga, and Mi Banda el Mexicano.

The Beach King and Queen of the Sea of ​​Goats are also elected.

Something that distinguishes these festivities are the famous “enramadas”, which are ordered to be done by families.

For the 118th edition, the City Council of Escuinapa reported that more than 720 family huts will be built, and a total of 50 commercial huts, and priority will be given to families who are traditional beachgoers so that they can choose and pay for their hut.  

The people who made their sections have until next April 1 to pay for their bower, otherwise, they will lose that right, and it will be sold to any citizen who requests it.  

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In the event, the Covid-19 measures will be taken care of, and rigorous protocols will be established to inhibit contagion, taking the Mazatlan International Carnival as an example.

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Where does the tradition come from?

The tradition comes from the totarame tribe, established mainly in the Chametla area, belonging to the municipality of Rosario, who at that time went to the beaches where it was the time of the beginning of the highest tides.  

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The natives of this site made the route, where today is the limit between Escuinapa and Rosario, in what is now the Montijo area, in front of the hill known as Las Cabras, and hence the name of the Fiesta del Mar de “Las Cabras”, in this place the totorames performed rituals through traditional dance.

Source: punto.mx

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