Mazatlan proposes to put speed bumps on highways


The head of Traffic Education in Mazatlan said that it is urgent to stop accidents such as those that have occurred in recent days in various parts of the city.

Mazatlan Sinaloa-. The Traffic Education Headquarters of the Mazatlan Road and Transportation Delegation ruled in favor of installing speed reducers on the cruise under the pedestrian bridge of the Urías neighborhood, where several accidents with unfortunate consequences have been recorded, the most recent on Sunday, March 20.

The Head of Traffic Education, Roberto Jaime Rodríguez, said that there are roads that cross Mazatlán that are already within the urban area, when before they were considered outside the city, such as the Libramiento Colosio, with a lot of passing traffic.

He said that many drivers take these roads as if they were driving outside the city, so he recommended that before doing so, they reduce speed so that they are incorporated into urban speed.

“These are roads where the people who come bring the vertigo of speed and do not fit with the urban speed, now, the people who live in these areas must take precautions, they are transfer roads, roads where there are high speeds, try to take precautions and measure traffic conditions.

Jaime Rodríguez asked the National Guard to control the speeds on the roads that cross the city.

It was pronounced that in certain points of the city, especially in foreign roads, reducers be installed, both at the entrances to the city and in intermediate places of the same road, to remind people to slow down, because they are approaching a place where there is greater traffic of vehicles and pedestrians.

In addition, Jaime Rodríguez indicated, the traffic lights also help reduce traffic a little, but he warned that when you come along the federal road and touch a green traffic light, they do not slow you down.

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