Mazatlan works to diversify tourism


Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, head of Sedectur, points out that projects are already being worked on to diversify the tourist destination.

MAZATLAN.- The tourist circuits and the development of the industry are two of the projects that will drive Mazatlan to become more than a destination that offers sun and sand beaches.  

Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries, explained that they are supporting the circuits since these are intended to strengthen the economy of the rural area and ensure an increase in the average stay of tourism in Mazatlan. 

He pointed out that this will have to be further developed with the mezcal route, which is already being worked on. Projects that will provide a range of options so that tourists can choose other areas to visit.  

El Quelite es distinguido como un caso de éxito de turismo rural en  Latinoamérica | Hotel Playa Mazatlan

While the rural area is being potentiated, the municipal official indicated that the construction of the Aerospace Park and the Mazatlán Logistic Center will not only trigger the development of the industry in the port but there will also be growth in education, real estate, and job creation. , having the eyes of the country well placed on our municipality.  

Both companies will attract brands and businesses from the National and Expats to settle in the city. 

“Mazatlán is growing in all aspects, the tourist circuits that were created in the port, plus the arrival of the two industrial parks. This is going to trigger a very important economic growth”.  

El Quelite es distinguido como un caso de éxito de turismo rural en  Latinoamérica | Hotel Playa Mazatlan

How many tourist circuits are there?  

Currently, the port has two tourist circuits: Habal-La Noria and Picachos-Veranos. 

The Mazatlán-Picachos-Veranos Tourist Circuit was launched in December 2020. It is an ecological and adventure tourism project that seeks to boost the economy in the municipality and in rural communities with a tourism vocation and potential. 

It is a project that offers visitors and locals a tourist alternative by having cabins to spend the night and activities such as sport fishing.  

Buscan en Mazatlán fortalecer el turismo rural para incentivar más visitas  de turistas

The Habal-La Noria circuit is one of the most frequented due to the great country restaurants that are in the town and its surroundings, such as Vaca Lupe, Los Aurelianos, and La Casa Rústica, becoming the favorites of tourists and locals. 

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