Video: What is that? Strange lights in Sinaloa Skies!


The video was captured by residents of Los Mochis, although it was also seen in Culiacán. What will it have been?

Sinaloa.- Did you see it too? This Monday, March 21 at dawn, a strange object was observed in the sky that caused great astonishment among the inhabitants who were able to observe it in Sinaloa.

This colorful flash of light was videotaped and sent to the editorial office of Línea Directa.

According to reports, citizens of Los Mochis and Culiacán witnessed this spectacle of nature. 

But what could it have been?

Until the publication of this note, there is no information about what this sighting was and what it means.

However, let us remember that it is not the first time that strange objects have been captured in images and videos. 

On February 6, a strange light also surprised the people of Sinaloa.

On that occasion, the light was also seen by citizens of the state of Baja California Sur and although there were several hypotheses, the renowned expert in geophysics, Juan Espinoza, gave a logical explanation of what could have happened.

The flash may have been from an asteroid that, in 2009,  NASA  named  JF1. Its probability of impact on earth was 0.026%, the expert pointed out, however, he said, that the minimum probability was presented. 

Juan Espinoza

And now, what could have been what was seen in the sky? 


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