Over 2,600 people attend the second La Noria “Bésame Mucho” Festival


The festival in honor of Cosuelito Velázquez and Mariano Rivera Conde was successfully held in the Miguel Hidalgo square of the La Noria syndicate

Realizarán en la Noria Festival “Bésame mucho” el 13 de marzo

Within the framework of the Gastronomic and Artisan Tianguis “La Noria mi Pueblo Querido” the second “Bésame Mucho” Festival was held with great success.

Asisten más de 2 mil 600 personas al segundo Festival "Bésame Mucho" - El  Sol de Mazatlán | Noticias Locales, Policiacas, sobre México, Sinaloa y el  Mundo

The director of Promotur Sinaloa, José Alfonso Reséndiz Memije, revealed that this Sunday around 2,600 people attended the artisan gastronomic show.

After the symbolic cutting of the ribbon, the event began with the presentation of musical numbers that enhanced the event.

The chronicler and historian Rodrigo de la Cadena gave the conference “Mariano Rivera Conde, the forerunner of musical smell.”

De la Cadena described Mariano Conde as an interpreter of interpreters, an unsung hero, perhaps, in the cultural glory of Mexico.

“she is the most famous precedent of talent scouts in our music, a hero doomed to oblivion. Did you know, friends of La Noria, constant and loyal bohemians, that, were it not for that great visionary of music, probably our national artistic firmament Would you have wondered, ma’am, what would the world of today be without José Alfredo Jiménez, without Jorge Negrete, without Pérez Prado, without Benny Moré, without Los Churumbeles de España, Miguel Aceves Mejía, La Cumbia, the Bossa Nova or the very same Banda El Recodo?”, he questioned.

An opportunity for talent

It is indisputable that talent exists, he stressed, and that the great art achieve goals with the muse without the muse and in spite of the muse, but it is evident that those who are touched by the hand of God are destined to create wonderful musical treasures and masterpieces in the Fine Arts.

“However, a large part of this talented population does not transcend to large audiences since the genius is so high that it knows no limits and sometimes the result of the creative condition becomes incomprehensible, to the point that it is lost in the channel of expression “, he exposed.

“Kiss me, kiss me a lot, ·BESAME MUCHO as if it were the last time tonight…”, the internationally known song by Consuelito Velázquez, was heard again and again in the voice of different interpreters who evoked in their own style the composition that has turned to the world, and that, according to anecdotes, was born in this town.

The bohemian atmosphere, in the midst of a pleasant climate, attracted families who enjoyed this Sunday among songs that they chanted evoking the great Consuelito Velázquez, placing La Noria once again as a must-see for locals and tourists.

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