COVID down in Sinaloa; there are 631 active cases and more than 2,200 suspects


The municipalities of Ahome, Guasave, Culiacán and Mazatlán concentrate the active cases of the disease, according to information from the Ministry of Health.

Sinaloa.- In the information provided by the Ministry of Health this Sunday, there were no deaths from COVID-19 in Sinaloa, but the infection of 15 people and 2,201 cases as suspects were confirmed.

The report issued by the institution establishes that there are a total of 631 active patients, of which 98 are in Ahome, 42 in Guasave, 187 in Mazatlán, 267 in Culiacán, seven in El Fuerte, 1 in Choix, 5 in Sinaloa, 1 in Angostura, 8 in Salvador Alvarado, 1 in Mocorito, 2 in Badiraguato, 3 in Navolato, 2 in Elota, 4 in El Rosario and 3 in Escuinapa.

Of the cases suspected of being infected are from Ahome 292, from Guasave 129, from Culiacán 976, from Mazatlán 682, from El Fuerte 20, from Choix 3, from Sinaloa 4, from Angostura eight, from Salvador Alvarado 8, from Mocorito 7, from Badiraguato 4, from Navolato 37, from Elota 4, from Cosalá 6 in San Ignacio, from Concordia 2, from El Rosario 3 and 15 in Escuinapa.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, a total of 110,996 people have recovered from the disease in the entity, of which 111 did so in the last 24 hours and are 41 from Culiacán, 21 from Mazatlán, 27 from Ahome, 13 from Guasave, two from Salvador Alvarado, two from El Fuerte, two from Angostura and three from Rosario.


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