Mazatlan’s Kilometer Zero, a totally family-friendly sports space


Kilometer Zero, a totally family-friendly sports space

Kilometer Zero has become a totally family recreation space, a site that is part of the project to rescue public spaces from a linear cycle track field, in which different sports activities can be carried out.

Acelerados los trabajos en Parque Lineal | Ayuntamiento de Mazatlán

The area has a soccer field, basketball, a bike path, and a skatepark, which is the mega skate park, which includes five obstacles, where those who like adrenaline can practice this extreme sport.

Every weekend, hundreds of Mazatlan families usually enjoy tournaments and training sessions on the courts, where they also live healthily in the stands of the place.

Las canchas de tenis del Parque Lineal Kilómetro Cero reactivarán temporada  en marzo

The space is totally free, to enter there is no cost, it should be noted that all areas are in perfect condition, since this space is maintained, which is ideal for practicing and competing different sports surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere.

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