Botanic Garden of Culiacán boasted as one of the most beautiful in the world


It was a magazine with an international circulation that placed the garden at number 5 out of 7, only after gardens in London, Singapore, Canada, and England.

CULIACAN. – Sinaloa has a lot for the world and never ceases to amaze us with its public spaces and tourist attractions, this time it was the Culiacán Botanical Garden, which is among the 7 best gardens in the world.  

It was the Argentine magazine Lugares, from La Nación, who chose it and placed the Culiacán Botanical Garden in the fifth most beautiful place in the world, being the only Mexican space taken into account by this publication and recommended as a distinctive site of great attraction for visitors.  

On the list, the Culiacán Botanical Garden is located after London, with its Royal Botanic Gardens park; The Botanical Gardens, in Singapore; the British Garden in Montreal, Canada and the Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden in Tromsø, Norway.  

After the “culichi” garden, there is the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and finally the Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

Photos: Courtesy / Culiacán Botanical Garden

“They have become a must for destinations, such as museums or other urban attractions. The botanical gardens, those green lungs that oxygenate the cities, allow to know in depth the spirit of the flora of each country or region, since they are a center of conservation of enormous wealth”, is highlighted in the magazine with international circulation.  

Bárbara Apodaca, director of the Sinaloa IAP Botanical and Zoological Society, pointed out that the botanical gardens are a sample of the flora, fauna and part of the history of humanity that has been dedicated to conserving natural history.  

“Once again, the Culiacán Botanical Garden is not only internationally recognized, but also manages to position our city among the 7 most important botanical gardens in the world,” he stressed. 

He added that this public space has been conserving species and promoting environmental education for 36 years, its 10 hectares were born when the engineer Carlos Murillo Depraect decided to create a green area for the city and donated his personal collection of plants, the fruit of years of being a botanist. .  

He added that the Garden’s 17 collections house more than a thousand species from around the world, some in serious danger of extinction. This has also brought together more than 200 species of wildlife and 146 species of birds.  

“These varieties coexist with pieces of contemporary art and top-level architectural spaces, introduced to the Garden in order to enrich the visitor’s experience during their tour,” said the director.  

The Culiacán Botanical Garden is located on Avenida Calzada de las Américas Norte number 2131, in the Burócrata neighborhood. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and the cost of a guided tour is 50.00 pesos. 

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