Mazatlan Carnival 2022 was a huge success!


The main objective of the Mazatlan Carnival, is always fun, joy, and dance, what characterizes the Mazatlan Carnival from the rest of the carnivals in Mexico, is that it takes place to the beat of the Tambora, making band music an essential ingredient.

On this occasion, the Regional Mexican music managed to make the audience dance at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, where there were also lights, songs, and pyrotechnics.

The coronation of the royal court of Mazatlan Carnival 2022

Carín León began the first day of carnival after the royal coronation with all his hits, in addition to being accompanied on stage by Sinaloan artists El Yaki and Pancho Barraza.

To liven up the night, Banda Los Mazatlecos made the audience vibrate, while on Friday, Banda La Indicada set the mood accompanied by various personalities such as Max Peraza.

Many people could be seen without a facemask during the festivity (Photo: Noroeste)

“Mazatlán, thank you very much for this unforgettable night, the first time in the port and I am eager to return. Tonight will stay forever in my heart."

Carín León declared on her Instagram profile.

Naval Combat at the Mazatlan Carnival 2022

On February 27, the so-called “Naval Combat” was held on the Mazatlán boardwalk, during around 15 minutes of the show, thousands of attendees witnessed a wonderful show with 3 tons of fireworks, lasers, and mobile flame systems.

The mariachi accompanied the famous singer Alejandro Fernández with his chords, at the Teodoro Mariscal stadium.

“What a way to return to my Mazatlan. Thank you for receiving me and for sharing so much love, ”said Fernandez on his social networks.

Mazatlan Carnival Parade 2022

The parade, without a doubt, is one of the key moments of the festival and in this edition of the Mazatlán Carnival 2022, it was no exception.

With 31 allegorical cars, the boardwalk was dressed up, letting more than 20 troupes parade with all the royalty, which put thousands of attendees between tourists and residents of Mazatlan to enjoy.

This parade provided a space for the LGBT+ community, and people with special abilities.

The one who stole the show during this great carnival night was the actress Maribel Guardia, who made those who applauded her step during the parade scream and dance.

“Very happy to be with all of you in the great Mazatlan Carnival. Let's dance because the world is going to end"

Maribel Guardia stated