AMLO promotes raffle for Sinaloa ranch and former President Vicente Fox campaign house


In the morning conference, President AMLO called on the population to participate in the raffle for a piece of land “of what was the ranch of the former governor of Sinaloa, Alfredo Toledo Corro

Speaking of a cleanup in the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism ( Fonatur ) “because they took pains to loot,” President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called on Mexicans to buy their lottery ticket and participate in the raffle for real estate and land, like those of the former governor of Sinaloa, Antonio Toledo Corro. 

Alfredo Toledo Corro fue gobernador de Sinaloa de 1981 a 1986 y en su mandato fue señalado por presuntos vínculos con narcotraficantes mexicanos, en específico con el capo Miguel Ángel Gallardo, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán y los hermanos Arellano Félix.

In his morning conference this Wednesday at the National Palace, López Obrador took the opportunity to call the raffle “of what was the ranch” of Toledo Corro, “which they also bought at Fonatur.”

“120 million dollars and it turns out that it is an inaccessible ranch and we have wanted to sell it to get resources, to finance the Santa María dam, in Sinaloa, and there is no one who pays for that, but there is not only one who pays for that.

“Like every year they put it in and put it in, just for maintenance, the last appraisal already turned out that the land costs around 5 billion. So how are we going to get that back? Well, what we are doing is fractioning, ”explained López Obrador. 

“They help because that money is going to stay there in Sinaloa and it will be used to finance the Santa María dam, which we are going to finish anyway, but it would help us because imagine having that good there, which is only being maintained, How much does it cost us?” he added.

In addition to the Toledo Corro land, López Obrador reported that a building that served as a “campaign or transition house” during the government of Vicente Fox, in Lomas de Chapultepec, will also be raffled off. 

AMLO suggests raffle of land on the beach that was bought in the Calderón administration

Given the success of the raffle for the value of the Presidential Plane, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not rule out in September 2020 that his government could raffle land on the beach that the Felipe Calderón administration bought in 2008, between the limits of Sinaloa and Nayarit, whose operation he described “as a transaction to the public treasury.”

In 2020, López Obrador said that the administration of former President Calderón bought a ranch on the shore of Sinaloa beach from the former governor of the entity Antonio Toledo Corro for 100 million dollars; however, this was abandoned. The person in charge of the operation, he said, was Miguel Gómez Mont when he was head of Fonatur.


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