Mexico Diesel drops in price while unleaded is stable and the Premium goes up; February 24th


Find out how much Magna and Premium gasoline cost this day, but also Diesel; two go down, one is frozen for three days.

It is expected that more movements will arrive on Friday since it will be the day that the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit announces the new amounts, stimuli, and percentages that will be established from Saturday, February 26, to Friday, March 4. 

So the costs of gasoline and diesel today, as well as the comparison of the previous day, so you can get an idea and get your accounts very well. 

• A liter of Magna gasoline in the Mexican Republic today costs $20.92, the same yesterday.
• The average cost of Premium gasoline is $22.84, yesterday 22.83.
• The price of Diesel today in Mexico is $22.25, yesterday 22.26. 

It is important for the population to remember that there are various systems through which they can check the average prices in their region, one is through the application of Profeco, Liter per Liter; Another is to check the page of the Energy Regulatory Commission itself, as well as pages that offer you this quick look, such as gasolinemx, one of the most consulted for this. 

Average price of gasoline in SINALOA
Magna 21.39
Premium 23.33
Diesel 22.3
Average price of gasoline in MEXICO CITY – CDMX
Magna 21.49
Premium 23.64
Diesel 22.53
Average price of gasoline in COAHUILA
Magna 20.52
Premium 22.78
Diesel 21.72
Average price of gasoline in BAJA CALIFORNIA
Magna 20.03
Premium 22.4
Diesel 21.21
Average price of gasoline in CHIAPAS
Magna 20.94
Premium 22.51
Diesel 22.47

Check the updated price of gasoline today in Mexico and in the different states, municipalities and regions of the country, in which the Energy Regulatory Commission has divided according to economic zones. Or, you can also check alternative pages like Gasolina MX 

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