Mexico’s best and world’s most important family carnival starts today in Mazatlán

Today the Mazatlan International Carnival 2022 begins, "LANAO, the journey continues".
MAZATLÁN, México, February 24, 2022.- With 125 years of tradition, a colorful and joyful atmosphere, and the observance of sanitary protocols due to the pandemic, today starts one of the most important festivals of its kind in the world, and without a doubt the best in Mexico: Mazatlán’s International Carnival; this year under the slogan “Lanao, the journey continues”.

With a significant participation of the local population and the arrival of thousands of tourists who seek to be part of this unique event, the origins of Mazatlan’s International Carnival date back to 1827, when a “convite, masquerade, and parade” was held by the soldiers who guarded the port. The modern era of carnival began with the formal organization of the first edition in 1898 when a queen was officially elected.

The Mazatlán International Carnival program includes each year, among other activities, four events for the coronation of the royals of this great festival, with the participation of celebrities and a renowned artistic cast that includes musical groups, dancers, actors and singers. The “Naval Combat” takes place on Saturday, and it’s an impressive display of pyrotechnics for more than 45 minutes from sea and land in the main bay, which simulates the successful defense of the port during the French invasion. During the Burning of Bad Humor, which precedes the Naval Combat, the local population gets rid of everything negative that happened during the previous twelve months, symbolically sending to the stake a character or event that caused the negative feeling.

The impressive carnival parades adorn the party with lavish allegorical floats and cheerful troupes that march to the rhythm of the local banda music on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and travel the four miles of the scenic boardwalk, receiving cheers, confetti and streamers by more than half a million spectators, who gather year after year to symbolize the last day of excesses before the start of Lent.
The city is embellished with “monigotes” alluding to the theme of the carnival “Lanao, the journey continues”, which refers to the commercial maritime route established between Asia and México in the 16th century, where Mazatlán played a leading role as one of the major Pacific ports.

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