Mazatlan Hoteliers report reservations already being made for “Semana Santa” Easter holidays


For Easter, the president of the “Three Islands” Hotel Association reported that there are already reservations between 35 and 40 percent.

MAZATLAN. – The hotels in Mazatlan have already begun their carnival, and the tourist influx for this weekend is expected to reach 70 percent occupancy, especially national tourism.  

The president of the “Tres Islas” Hotel Association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, mentioned that once the green light was given to carry out the Carnival, the telephones did not stop ringing.  

“We are at levels of 65 percent on the issue of reservations, between now and the weekend this is going to pick up and we expect 70 percent, we know that the pandemic situation is complicated, we should not relax,” he declared. .  

The epidemiological traffic light at the national level, placed Sinaloa in yellow, representing, in capacity, 70 percent of the maximum capacity, therefore, a full hotel is expected, within what is allowed.  

Manguart Sánchez called on both locals and tourists to be responsible, as stronger holiday periods are coming, such as the March 21 bridge, Holy Week and Easter Week.

“Here the invitation is both to the local community and to visitors, not to fall into excesses of confidence and that we can have a quiet party, we can enjoy our cultural event here in Mazatlan, after the following dates come,” he said.  

Reservations for Easter have already started.

Although there is still a little more than a month left for the Easter holidays, the hotelier reported that people are already making reservations, maintaining high expectations for this holiday period.

“The flow of reservations has already begun, it has already been released, we must be at 35 or 40 percent,” he added.

This holiday period is estimated for the week of April 11 to 17, while Easter will fall from 18 to 24 of the same month.  


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