Mazatlan Profeco will supervise businesses comply with offers and prices they promote


Inspections will be made through the area of ​​carnival influence, such as the Malecón and part of the Golden Zone.

Mazatlan Sinaloa-. During the Mazatlán Carnival, the office of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) in Mazatlán will supervise that businessesrestaurants, and hotels comply with the offers and prices they promote so that there are no abuses towards citizens and tourists that visit the port during carnival

The head of the Profeco office in Mazatlan, Sergio Palomino Rodríguez, urged merchants to display prices and specify services.

As is known, many services are provided in Mazatlan and if the consumer knows what he is buying, he buys it with confidence. They must show from the net price, they must also deliver the invoices, tickets, referrals, all the documents issued by the company and the service must be specified, if it is a ride it must specify the duration, what time they have to board, to that consumers are aware and do not take a surprise at the time of service “.

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The federal official said that the consumer must see that when buying a good, they do not change it and that the price is the same so that there are no complaints or complaints.

Palomino Rodríguez said that seven local people, reinforced with personnel from Culiacán, will give tours of the area of ​​influence of the Carnival, such as the Malecón and part of the Golden Zone, where tourists and Mazatlan citizens will be concentrated.

He added that so far they have not received any complaints, but when they have one, they will go to the establishment to see that they comply with the rules, such as prices at sight, product specifications, and in the case of restaurants, tips are voluntary.

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