Without a vaccination certificate or negative test, you will not be able to enter the Mazatlan Carnival


Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez, clarified that he has not had communication with the Health sector in the State and therefore, assumed all responsibility in the maximum porteña party.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Are you going to go to Carnival 2022? eye! If you do not present your anti- COVID vaccination certificate or a negative test one day in advance, you will not be able to enter any of the coronation events or the parade, warned Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

The mayor of Mazatlán maintained that the municipality is doing everything possible and necessary in terms of prevention to reduce the risk of contagion of the SARS-COV-2 virus

“Those who do not have their vaccination certificate will not enter, nor will they go because they will not enter any of the events; public or closed. Failing that, and if they did not have it, a negative COVID test from that day or the day before, I say we cannot do more to prevent it and for that reason, I am warning the citizens,” he warned.

Even the Municipal President sentenced the members of his cabinet, specifically the directors involved in the Carnival, and warned them; “who fails, must leave”.

Activa la supervisión a negocios para que exijan certificado de vacunación  Covid - Los Noticieristas

Above all, because, he said, for the City Council it will be a challenge to be able to control the people in the event of the burning of bad humor, naval combat, and in the parade.

“What is true is that all the directors involved in the issue of Carnival have their heads, they expect it to be cut off if they do not fulfill their responsibility and there, it does not include the Secretary of Security, it includes everyone: the Mayor’s Office, Culture, everyone knows what they have to do.

“Yes, it is a warning because we want to do things well and for that reason, I made things clear to them; “Whoever fails, leaves,” she said.

The mayor referred that he has not had communication with the Health sector in the State, and all the responsibility was assumed by the Municipality in terms of protocols and preventive actions to reduce the risks of contagion. Therefore, there will be operations in bus stations and the airport.

Instalan módulo en aeropuerto de Mazatlán para pruebas de Covid-19

“No, I don’t know if there is good or bad communication, the only thing I know is that no one has contacted me and we are coordinating everything. All the coordination that appears there and the capacity proposals are ours”.

Bus stations and the airport, how will they monitor?

“What we always do is not the first time we have Carnival or Easter,” he said.

Likewise, the mayor of Mazatlán announced that the Municipal Institute of Culture, together with the Welfare area, will distribute free tickets in the popular neighborhoods so that citizens can attend the coronations; however, later it will be announced in which sectors they will be.

Get your vaccination proof online, click the link below

Para entrar a los eventos del Carnaval deberán portar certificado de vacunación o prueba negativa: Alcalde

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