29 businesses are fined in Mazatlan for permit violations


The senior official explained that it is common to apply fines for extended hours during January and February since the permits of some businesses expire on these dates.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Despite the warnings, businesses continue to commit infractions and this weekend 29 nightlife businesses were fined, reported the senior officer, Nayla Velarde Narváez.

The municipal official denied that they were due to capacity, but rather due to an extension of hours and permits from the Mayor’s Office itself.

“ In January and February it is very common for establishments to have fines because they are the dates to renew their permits or their favorable opinions or operations, they are annual and that is why some fail to comply, they are behind schedule and that is why the fines. We are just reviewing that, last week, on Thursday we had a meeting with businessmen and we had a debate on the issue of extensions of hours and we have already reached an agreement and this weekend we are going to start with the operations, ”explained Velarde Narváez.

And after the epidemiological traffic light returned to yellow, the senior official said that so far she has not received any instructions from Mayor Benítez Torres to increase the capacity, since the Carnival left with 70 percent, but due to the municipal issue, will be analyzed in due course.

She added that in 2020 they delivered 341 permits for street vendors that are put on for the Carnival and that they are already in the renewal process, where they are expected to be the same.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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