“Don’t drink and drive” Alcohol checkpoint will be placed across Mazatlan


Although there will be many visitors to the port, there will be no tolerance for anyone in particular.

MAZATLAN. – The International Carnival of Mazatlan 2022 is coming and for this, it is planned to place breathalyzers at strategic points during the six days of the holiday, said José Samuel Alvarado Ilustre, commander of Municipal Transit. 

Where will they be located? He explained that the biosecurity devices cannot reveal the places where the breathalyzer points will be installed, since these will be a surprise to prevent motorists from “taking” the lap.  

“We will continue to work the same, they must respect all the signs of the road devices and not drive while intoxicated”, commented Illustrious Alvarado.  

The commander said that, although there will be thousands of tourists in the city, there will be no tolerance for anyone, since they will work regularly under all the guidelines established by law.  

The breathalyzers will begin to be installed from Thursday, February 24 and until March 1.  

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Source: punto.mx

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