Mattresses and even refrigerators, among the garbage of Mazatlan’s Playa Norte beach clean up


Refrigerators, mattresses, furniture, platforms, plastics, clothing, and garbage, in general, were removed this morning from Playa Norte. The weight of all the debris is estimated to be about two tons.

Most of the garbage was found among the boats stranded on the sand, which are used as a refuge by homeless people. The deck of some of the boats was turned down and excavations had been made inside to expand the space as if it were a cave. This site, located a few meters from a well-known restaurant, has been used for overnight stays for several years.

During the cleaning day carried out by the staff of the Mazatlán Beach Operator and Administrator, waste was also removed from the rocky area, pier and storm drains. In the end, about 1,600 kilos of general garbage were collected, plus another 160 kilos of plastic and 320 kilos of glass bottles, adding up to just over two tons of waste.

north beach
This garbage was among the stranded boats of Playa Norte. Photo: courtesy.
Trash North Beach
Waste that was extracted from a sector of Playa Norte. Photos: courtesy.

They will look for a solution to the garbage problem

Edgar Moya, president of the North Beach Artisanal Fishermen’s Cooperative, said that the head of the Mazatlan Beach Operator and Administrator, Roberto Terrones Cortés, asked them for a work meeting for Wednesday of next week, in order to find solutions. to the constant problem of contamination by waste in that area and, if possible, certify the stretch of beach where the pier is located. The possibility of installing a portable toilet was also discussed.

He said that on the part of the cooperative that he presides over there are two people in charge of cleaning his work area every day in the morning, however, many people pass through that sector at all hours and more garbage is generated.

In addition, the three fishing organizations that share the pier work in the morning, and in the afternoon there is no one who is in charge of keeping an eye on the place, he added.

He mentioned that the artisanal fishermen are willing to collaborate to improve the cleanliness and image of Playa Norte, so they will be waiting for the proposal presented by the authority. Previously, that same fishing organization requested support from the para-municipal unit for the installation of garbage and cleaning drums in that sector.


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