Speeding driver crashes at Mazatlan’s Golden Zone notorious mega speedbump


Mazatlan. Two people were injured and heavy damage was caused when a car without control got on a sidewalk and crashed into the access of a restaurant in Zona Dorada on Thursday night.

This accident occurred around 10:20 p.m. on Avenida Camarón Sábalo, the lane from south to north, in the area where the so-called “megatopes” are located.

Driver passes the "megatopes" in Mazatlan and causes an accident

On the site, municipal agents commented that there were two injured people, a man, and a woman, who were taken to the IMSS. their condition were not provided.

It was detailed that the gray Atos Hyundai car, with Durango license plates, apparently came at high speed and passed the two-speed bumps -pedestrian crossings located at the height of the El Dorado subdivision.

When passing the second stop or pedestrian crossing, the driver of the Atos charged to his right, got on the sidewalk, and collided with the access to a well-known restaurant, which with the impact ripped off half of its gate, among other damage, while the car was heavily damaged.

It was added that a man was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, and it could be seen that a woman with cuts and bruises on her left leg was taken to a Capta in a patrol car and transferred.

The municipal authority took note of the case and secured the Atos car with a tow truck.

A controversial speedbump that was born overnight and that has been the cause of serious accidents, could it be that the remedy was more expensive than the disease, what do you think?

Source: debate.com.mx, Politica Mazatleca

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