(VIDEO) A plane crashes on the Mazatlán-Culiacán, toll road near Mármol


‘They were going to hit a passenger bus’, a plane crash could have been fatal

The accident recorded this Sunday afternoon at the Mazatlán-Culiacán Maxipista could have had a fatal outcome.

According to the authorities at the scene, there were six people, five crew members, and the pilot, who had left Culiacán for Guadalajara, when they noticed that they were losing fuel.

It was the skill of the pilot, which prevented it from crashing into a passenger bus that was passing through the area, making the emergency landing on the opposite side, in the lane from south to north, kilometer 24, near the toll booth. of Marble, without registering injuries, only material damage.

The Piper Malibu-type aircraft with license plate XB-SUA in which Juan ‘N’, 28, Katia ‘N’, 26, Korintia ‘N’, 35, Kevin ‘N’, 24, Francisco ‘N’, 38, and as pilot Jorge ‘N’, was protected by security elements, with the presence of the National Guard Division Roads, closing the road to allow firefighters maneuvers, in the event of a possible explosion, derived from the fuel spill in the area.

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