Sinaloa capacity allowed for today, February 14, is 50%; Health will monitor compliance with protocols


The Secretary of Health in Sinaloa, Héctor Melesio Cuén Ojeda, showed that during this weekend more than 80 visits were made to businesses, and most did not meet the specifications established by the orange COVID-19 epidemiological traffic light.

Sinaloa.- The capacity allowed for this February 14 in establishments, mainly in restaurants, is 50 percent, reported the Secretary of Health in SinaloaHéctor Melesio Cuén Ojeda .

He indicated that as the Ministry of Health, it will be monitoring compliance with the prevention protocols against COVID-19 established by the orange epidemiological traffic light, such as the use of face masks, maintaining a healthy distance of 1.5 meters, and a capacity of 50 percent, for mention a few.

He recalled that during this weekend an operation of more than 80 visits to businesses was carried out and most did not comply with the instructions, so it was decided, he said, to talk with those in charge to make people aware as a priority and not reach economic sanctions.

“The important thing is that the characteristics of the epidemiological traffic light are met at this time, the important thing is that there are no mass gatherings at this time, the important thing is that all prevention protocols are carried out,” he said.

Cuén Ojeda revealed that this weekend there was also significant mobility prior to the celebration of Valentine’s Day, highlighting that in one way or another, although it cannot be avoided, it hits the number of infections.


The Mazatlan Post