Mazatlan shrimp ladies “Las Changueras” live off tourism and hope Carnival proceeds


Paola Gutiérrez Beltrán mentioned that there have been a few days of low sales, and year after year they wait for the dates of the party to arrive when the consumption of seafood grows.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Shrimp ladies eagerly await the arrival of visitors for the Carnival dates, since these are good days in which the consumption of seafood grows in the city, expressed Brenda Paola Gutiérrez Beltrán.

The member of the Union of Merchants, known as “Las Changueras” pointed out that although there are risks for the population with the celebration of the party, for those who live from tourism, it would be good if it were carried out since this would influence better sales.

“We support ourselves from tourism and well now on the bridge a little bit of people were seen, right now we are waiting for the Carnival, we respect the people who do not want there to be because of the disease, it is okay for them to stay at home and do not attend, but in our case, we depend on tourism from abroad and well, we do want there to be”.

He specified that, during the week, the consumption of shrimp, whether from the high seas or farm, has had a drastic drop, and only on weekends, particularly on Sundays and sometimes on Saturdays, there are those who come looking for the product.

On the issue of the pandemic, the merchant mentions that it will be the responsibility of each person to attend the party, if it takes place, as long as they comply with the health recommendations, but it is a fact that at least this sector requires the arrival of visitors, because the bridges and vacation periods, is when they do best.

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