Mazatlán’s Óscar Pérez Escobosa and Del Atlántico avenues roundabout to be rebuilt due to poor design


It seeks to stop road accidents at the intersection with Avenida Del Atlántico.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the aim of curbing road accidents at the intersection of Óscar Pérez Escobosa and Del Atlántico avenues, in the north of Mazatlán, the construction of a roundabout began, however, due to the poor design, it had to be changed.

The Director of Planning, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, reported that they approached the construction company that is in charge of the work and it was determined that it would have to be removed and done again based on the project that both this Directorate and Public Works did in their moment.

He added that this project is the one that will be executed and supervised by the Public Works Department.

“ Finally, a comprehensive project had been carried out, the roundabouts must be large so that the cars have to stop completely, the detail is that there is no roundabout in Mazatlan that complies as such and we are not used to it, that is the problem, the motorist Mazatlan is not used to it, but that is the function, there must be an incorporation step and there must be fluid traffic, that is the main function of a roundabout , ”explained the Director of Planning.

Estavillo Kelly announced that once the new roundabout is built, there will be speed reducers at the four intersections, in addition to prior signage for people to slow down, because both on Pérez Escobosa and on Avenida Del Atlántico, the cars pass as if it were a maxipista.

He added that motorists are required to be aware, and that they must understand that it is being done to improve, not to worsen, since road accidents were before, not now with the roundabout that was made on the cruise.


The Mazatlan Post