Sinaloan writers will shine at the Tacambaro international book fair


Under the rhythm of a sixth edition, this literary meeting represents the celebration of conversation as an art

Sinaloa will be the State invited to the Tacámbaro International Book Fair that will take place from April 21 to May 1, announced the Writer and Cultural Promoter Samuel Parra, who is part of the work team and is the link with the Sinaloa entourage.

Under the rhythm of a sixth edition, this literary meeting represents the celebration of conversation as an art, the fascination for the eloquence of the guests, the labyrinth of literary imagination, and the intimate unveiling of what is unexpected in each book.

“Literature is an infinite territory and Sinaloa is a small enclave of the universe. We have great writers, standing next to you from anywhere in the world. The Sinaloan writer represents a metaphor of how to kill God, usurping his creative power. In that sense, literature would be the daughter of sin. In fact, everything indicates that it is a branch of the tree of science, the apple that has revealed to us our fragility and finitude”, explained Parra.

Within the framework of the different events, the Writer Élmer Mendoza will offer a talk on crime novels, and his most recent book “She entered through the bathroom window” will be presented. Mendoza has a long history, as a novelist, he was placed among the most prominent in Sinaloa and Mexico with the novels The mystery of the skull orchid, Cóbraselo expensive, Tequila effect, Janis Joplin’s lover, as well as the storybooks Trancapalanca and Signed with a Kleneex.

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“The most emblematic character of Maestro Élmer is ‘El Zurdo’ Mendieta, his narrative essence has shown that to write is to resist. The very fact of living is also a matter of resistance, but there is no doubt that to write, especially to write novels, tenacity is more necessary than desire, ”he commented.

The writer Dámaso Murúa, internationally recognized for the stories of “El Güilo Mentiras”, will have recognition for raising the name of Escuinapa and Sinaloa through his lyrics.

The head of the Department of Literature of the Sinaloa Institute of Culture, the Poet Ernestina Yepiz will offer a workshop on this genre. She will also present her book “The Dream of Paloma Sanlucar”.

Mazatlan writer Julio César Zatarain Reyes, winner of the José Alvarado National Short Story Award 2021, will present his award-winning work “What do worms think when they are hungry”.

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“A book fair represents the opportunity to discover new voices and chat with authors and guests with a closeness that few spaces, not even networks, offer. Julio has done an incredible job in Mazatlan and in the world through social networks with his digital magazine ‘Alcantarilla’ offering a space to publish to all pens”, he explained.

The poet Rubén Rivera will present his book “Sendero de suicidas”, winner of the 2021 Aguascalientes Fine Arts Poetry Prize. And the writer Alfonso Orejel will present his book “Debris from paradise”.


A book is always a new possibility to rethink the world. To reproduce it or to question it. And what place do books occupy today in times of Covid? How do you read in schools? How much has reading changed since 2020? That’s what book fairs are for, explained the Mazatleco Writer.

“We are prepared to return to the streets and to readers, because we are going to return to a society that has been hit hard economically, and we have to be empathetic, and I am not just referring to the middle classes or students, but to the popular sector that wants to read… we will be in the logic of reconstruction,” he commented.

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Now more than ever, with virtuality, Parra supported the idea of ​​defending the price of books as a fundamental factor to expand the margin of readers, take promotion directly to social sectors that had not been attracted by the book and improve quality promotion and dissemination of books through fairs.

In the different virtual events that the Tacámbaro Intercultural Book Fair will have, the Mazatlan writers Elizabeth Estolano will participate with a literary creation workshop for children and Karina Castillo who will present her new book Guebsait. In addition, Parra will present her new book “For the City in Angel Wings”.

“Books and bookstores allow us to isolate ourselves from the world and at the same time allow us to understand it. You go into a bookstore or you enter a book and you isolate yourself, you are searching, exploring, smelling, you are escaping and living other lives. But even in books that seek to get away from reality, what we are being told is the life we ​​are living or the life others have lived before,” she added.


Samuel Parra is a Writer, Journalist, Essayist and Cultural Promoter. He has a degree in Communication Sciences from the UAS. Master of Contemporary Literature from the Autonomous Metropolitan University. He is the author of six books. For his lyrics he has won international awards in India, Colombia, Chile and Peru. He is currently Director of Communication of the National Chamber of Commerce of Mazatlan

What to do in Tacámbaro

The Magical Town of Tacámbaro is located just 55 kilometers from Pátzcuaro in Michoacán; boasts of perfect temperature almost all year round thanks to its privileged location, ideal for planting avocado, blackberries, and sugar cane. Also known as the Balcón de Tierra CalienteTacámbaro is surrounded by mountains and cascades of impressive falls such as Arroyo Frío.

Tacámbaro, el pueblo mágico de Michoacán que cautiva con sus paisajes -  SinEmbargo MX

What to do in Tacámbaro?

Let your feet guide you along its narrow streets that seem to have been frozen in time. Discover the history emanating from the facades of its white houses, its old buildings, and squares. The gardens of the Plazuela del Santo Niño will guide you directly to the beautiful Cathedral of San Jerónimo. If this walk whets your appetite, Tacámbaro has several of the most traditional dishes in the entire state of Michoacán with its corundas, uchepos, aporreado or the delicious carnitas.

Make sure your expedition takes you to the edge of the town, home to the Temple of Fátima, which has unparalleled views of the valley, or among its wooded areas adorned with pines and oaks, you will find ideal places to swim and be in contact with nature, such as the La Laguna Pool formed on the crater of an extinct volcano.

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