Sinaloa drinking water discounts for retirees, pensioners, the disabled, and the elderly are a fact


The morena deputy warns Estrada Ferreiro that, if he violates the law, he will initiate a political trial

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- After confirming the publication in the Official State Newspaper of the decree that reforms article 50 of the Sinaloa Potable Water and Sewage Law, and with which a special rate of 50 percent discount is determined in drinking water service throughout the state for pensioners, retirees, disabled and older adults, Deputy Serapio Vargas Ramírez warned Mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro that if he violates the law, he will initiate a political trial and will lead strong mobilizations for his actions arbitrary.

The legislator announced that this law comes into force as of tomorrow, and the requirements for the disabled and the elderly will be the same as those already established by the Drinking Water Boards for discounts to retirees and pensioners.

He said that he has a moral obligation to clarify that the initiative he presented together with deputy Adolfo Beltrán was only for discounts for retirees, pensioners, and the disabled, but there were other initiatives that were taken into account and that also included older adults. , and maintained “I say it because I don’t like to put stars on myself that I don’t earn”

Deputy Serapio Vargas considered this reform a success, not for him, but for the general principles of the Fourth Transformation that seeks equal treatment, while at the same time thanking the support of all the parliamentary fractions that accompanied this reform that benefits many vulnerable families.

“I hope that the mayor of Culiacán respects and enforces this reform of the law, and I personally warn him that if he violates the law, he will be committing the crime of abuse of authority, and he would be framing the hypothesis of a political trial and I I will be the first to file a criminal complaint because he already violated the personal data protection law when he made public information involving deputies with the property tax issue. I warn the mayor that if he violates the law, I announce a big march against his actions, and we will put the disabled, retirees, pensioners and older adults on the streets, but also, at least I will put in place the jurisdictional mechanisms so that if he commits with his conduct a crime, he is taken to political trial,” he said.


The Mazatlan Post