Covid 4th wave doesn’t deter tourists from visiting Mazatlan


Although it did stop the number of visitors on weekends, it has not meant a great loss, compared to the previous waves, since neighboring states to Sinaloa have not been affected by the epidemiological traffic lights, indicated the tourist promoter, José Gámez Valle

MAZATLAN. – It has become clear to us that Mazatlan maintains a high number of visitors every weekend, both national and international, swimming pools with children, boardwalk with families walking, beaches with open umbrellas to cover themselves from the sun, but how much did the fourth wave affect by Covid-19 and its variants? 

Arriban 6 mil 204 visitantes en dos cruceros turísticos en Mazatlán

José Gámez Valle, marketing director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlan, mentioned that the occupations did not decrease, but they have not increased throughout this month, perhaps due to two factors, the January slope, and the fourth wave, thus slowing down the trend that Mazatlan brought week after week in the flow of its visitors.  

“It is impressive, Mazatlán slowed down a bit, because the news spreads, in Mazatlán after the pandemic it is the destination that recovered the fastest from the pandemic, now with this new wave it slowed down a bit, he said.  

Visitan Mazatlán

The strategy that they launched during the economic reactivation, in 2020, made Mazatlan currently position itself as the first destination in hotel occupancy, above Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Cancun, Acapulco, and others.  

Gámez Valle explained that this same model began to be replicated by Puerto Vallarta, however, it has not achieved a reactivation like that of the “Pearl of the Pacific”, since it is the coordination between the authorities, the people themselves and the sector, which have made it work.  

“A destination that grew was Vallarta, because everyone was following us and projected that, they got in and beat us up a bit, talking with customers, with those who provide wholesale, traditional businesses, they told us that Vallarta was growing, but right now Mazatlán it’s taking off again,” he said.  

Another of the things that has worked and that has not ‘decreased’ them as a sector, is that the states around Sinaloa are orange or yellow in the national epidemiological traffic light, because in previous waves, although Sinaloa will present a yellow, green, or orange, the rest was in red and did get to “hit” in the reservations.  

Mazatlan currently maintains 1,099 active cases by Covid-19, just between yesterday and today, the State Government report registered 133 new cases in the municipality, being the third municipality with the most cases in the state, followed by Ahome with 1,854 and much higher, Culiacán, with 4,370 cases.  

Compared to the other beach destinations, La Paz, Baja California Sur, reported 4 thousand 64 cases and in Los Cabos, 2 thousand 183; Ensenada, Baja California registered 1,396 cases; Manzanillo, Colima registered 1,448 cases; Acapulco, in Guerrero, registered 780 cases; Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco registered 593 cases (as of yesterday); while in Quintana Roo, both Cancun and Playa del Carmen reported, until yesterday, 1,018 and 321 cases, respectively.  


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