Grieving parents ask King not to accept Quirino Ordaz Coppel as Mexico’s ambassador to Spain


Almost two years after the attack suffered by the young students Carolina, 18, and Andrea, 20, in the Sanalona syndicate, since January 27 was when this event was recorded that caused several families to mourn; José Alonso Aispuro, Carolina’s father and Andrea’s uncle, sent a letter to the King of Spain, Felipe Vl, asking him to decline the acceptance of Quirino Ordaz Coppel, as Mexico’s ambassador to Spain.

On his Facebook account, José Alonso Aispuro, publishes his letter and assures that he will not tire of demanding justice.

Text of the letter:
Letter to the Government of Spain.
His Majesty
Felipe VI
King of Spain His
Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón
President of the Government of Spain.

There are sufficient grounds and reasons to deny the Letters of Credence and not give the Approval to the former Governor of Sinaloa Quirino Ordaz Coppel, appointed by the Mexican Government to represent us in Spain, as Ambassador.

As Governor of Sinaloa Corruption prevailed. Impunity in Femicides and many more things.

On January 27, 2020, their State police murdered my 18-year-old daughter Carolina and my 20-year-old niece Andrea in Sanalona, ​​Culiacán Sinaloa.

Two young students. To date, no one has been punished.

The qualities of Mr. Ordaz Coppel do not harbor the confidence that he will know how to fulfill the high functions that have been entrusted to him.

Arch. José Alonso Aispuro

The death of Ana Carolina and Andrea, in Sanalona

sanalona 1

It should be noted that the case of Carolina and Andrea is part of the dozens of homicides and femicides brought together before the judiciary, in this case, there is already a link to the process of the alleged culprits, however, it has not been resolved.

Andrea and Carolina were murdered by the Elite Group, commanded by police chief Carlos Alberto, commander “Níquel”, on January 27, 2020, on the road to Tamazula, near the Sanalona dam.

The event was not a confrontation as reported by state agents. When the evidence was presented at the first hearing in front of the judge, it was found that the state officials set up the scene.

Carolina’s father, asked for his daughter and niece so that justice can be done for them, one year after Níquel is still free, an agent has been arrested and the rest are on the run. They didn’t deserve to die.

“The process against Comandante Níquel has this week as the deadline for the Prosecutor’s Office to prepare the indictment letter with the Judge and he proceeds to a hearing, and thus link to the process or exonerate. Let us hope they link him to the process because the elements are enough to hold them accountable,” said José Alonso Aispuro, Carolina’s father.

Both young women were studying for a degree in Culiacán; Carolina was a student at Casa Blanca University, her relatives remember her as a very good student.

Andrea was preparing to be a lawyer at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa. Neither she nor her companions were carrying out any criminal activity that would have put them in danger that morning of 2020.


According to the survivors, Dulce María and Julio César, Andrea and Carolina were in the back of the vehicle, Julio as driver and Dulce as co-pilot. The man the state officials described as one who stuck out his arm and shot at him never existed.

Joel, the first of four state detainees, was charged with three crimes: intentional homicide qualified with advantage, qualified homicide with attempted advantage to endanger the lives of Dulce María and Julio César, and abuse of power.

The hours in which they detained those who the state called aggressors are not the same as those declared by Ismael, Luis, Alfredo, and at the time they made the report to C4 by radio.

According to the expert report, Andrea had shrapnel burns and a gunshot wound to the chest. Carolina died of a 15 by 20 centimeter head injury. There were 22 detonated rifle projectiles that coincide with the weapons carried by the agents of patrol 30-38.

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