Tourism for San Ignacio expects that a visit from Torruco Marqués will serve to promote Las Labradas


The director of the municipal department, Carlos Piña Cruz mentioned that this Thursday they carried out an inspection of the area where the federal official will be received.

San Ignacio, Sinaloa.- Close to the visit of Miguel Torruco Marqués, on January 30 to Las Labradas, authorities from the Ministry of Tourism, the National Institute of Anthropology and History, as well as the Directorate of Tourism in San Ignacio carried out an inspection to refine the last details of what will be the meeting with the state official. 

Carlos Piña Cruz, pointed out that the municipal government trusts that the visit of the federal official will bring benefits of promotion, dissemination and resources that can be allocated to this area of ​​the municipality, both for the residents of La Chicayota and for Las Labradas.

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“With the intention of receiving the federal secretary in a good way and that during this visit, the federal secretary himself considers Las Labradas as a great potential in tourism and archeology to be detonated with greater prominence by the federal authority.”

Piña Cruz mentioned that during this visit issues related to the location of the welcome event were agreed upon, as well as the artistic participation of that day, in addition to logistics, cleanliness, and signage in the area, so that both visitors and the authorities who come that day can see a conditioned place.

The community of La Chicayota will have a better visual and urban image, since the municipal government, with the support of the population, took on the task of carrying out street improvement, cleaning and reforestation work in the community.

Sinaloa Las Labradas archaeological site will open for the celebration of  the Equinox - The Mazatlan Post

Every March 21, Las Labradas celebrates the Spring Equinox, where this time of year is welcomed and thousands of national and foreign visitors are received, which has made this site one of the most visited in San Ignacio during all year.

The archaeological wealth of Las Labradas will be sought to be sheltered by the federal and state governments, with the aim of turning it into a great potential for Sinaloa before the rest of the country and the world.


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