Mazatlan firefighters will debut new uniforms donated by Scotland


From Scotland, 1,888 donated uniforms arrive for corporations in the country, of which 50 are for Mazatlan.

MAZATLAN.- The Mazatán Voluntary Fire Department and other corporations in the country received a donation of 1,888 uniforms from Scotland, United Kingdom, for firefighters who work in this high-risk job.  

The equipment donated for Mazatlan was from a total of 50 uniforms received in Chiapas by the commander of the corporation, Edgar Enrique Peinado Beltrán, and officer Alexis Ramírez Gómez. 

These benefits could be achieved by the management of the Board of Trustees headed by Lourdes Magallón Huerta, in addition to the fact that the commanders of the institutions are active members of the Mexican Association of Fire Chiefs.  

Photos: Courtesy / Mazatán Voluntary Fire Department

Commander Marco Antonio Sánchez Guerrero, director of the State Firefighters Institute of Chiapas, indicated that these uniforms will equip a total of 1,888 firefighters from all over the country, to face firefighting in a safer way.  

“I want to make the reflection that we as firefighters when receiving this equipment, we must take care of it and use it in the best way, a very accurate phrase is ‘helping a firefighter is helping people'”; the commander said.  

The 50 uniforms that were awarded for Mazatlan will arrive in this plaza in the next few days, with which the Volunteer Fire Department will have a quality team.  

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