Mass poisoning of dogs reported in Navolato Sinaloa


The activist Gabriela López pointed out that every day in Culiacán they receive at least one report of animal abuse.

Sinaloa.- There were a total of 17 puppies that were poisoned this Wednesday in the El Molino de Sataya community, Navolato, announced the president of the Laika FoundationGabriela López Juárez.

The activist condemned that at this point the population continues with these practices, where unfortunately the State Attorney General’s Office does not investigate and those responsible are not punished.

In this context, López Juárez pointed out that violence against pets is recurrent in Culiacán since only Fundación Laika receives at least one daily report for this reason.

“We see that this has been growing and it is the desperation of society in the face of law enforcement, prevention and we see these acts. We are moved by this fact and all those that happen every day in our state,” he said.

Gabriela López Juárez, president of Fundación Laika, explained that these are cases of extreme cruelty, animals that were burned, mutilated, sexually abused, dragged, and that suffering is caused for pleasure and fun.

He recalled that in Sinaloa there are only two cases where justice was done against animal abuse, that of “Rodolfo Corazón” in Los Mochis and “Chuchito” in Culiacán.


The Mazatlan Post