Mazatlan citizens report increased fees after a new CFE meter installed


The change of meters carried out by the CFE affects citizens.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- For several weeks in some colonies of the port, a car from the Federal Electricity Commission has been heard warning through the loudspeaker about meter changes and power outages for those users who are behind in their payments.

The CFE had announced the Expansion and Modernization of the General Distribution Networks 2019-2033 program and indicated that from 2021 the change or installation of more than two million electricity meters would begin, however, the users of this service have pointed out that the meter changes are made arbitrarily since allegedly the Commission workers arrive at the home saying that they are going to carry out a verification routine and without requesting authorization they change the meter.

Although the real problems come later; According to some Mazatlecos, that after the CFE meter change, the bills arrive with an excessive charge of double and even triple.

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” I had been paying 1,200 pesos and the last one came to me with 2,200 pesos, double what I usually pay,” said Mauricio, a resident of the city center.

” I got triple and I did not put Christmas lights, I paid 700, I got 2 thousand pesos,” said Claudia.

Rosa, also a neighbor of the Center, said that no one can beat the CFE, because when they go to claim or clarify excessive charges, they do not give them a solution.

” I already got the 3,600-peso blockade for living half a block from the marsh, they charge me as if I lived half a block from the beach and with a small three-room house, one goes and talks and you don’t win, there is no nothing to do,” Rosa said.


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