I found a stray dog ​​or cat in Mazatlan, what should I do?


Julieta Alcocer Sánchez, president of Friends of the Animals, explained that a day, they receive more than 20 calls requesting space for street animals, however, space is limited and not all can be received.

MAZATLAN. – When we see a homeless dog or cat our heart breaks, but within our limitations, we know that we cannot take them all, however, we can do many more things for them that can work to prevent them from continuing to suffer homelessness.  

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In Mazatlán, there are about 3 shelters, however, they may not be an option, why? Because they may be saturated, they do not have the space to accept them and they do not have enough economic resources to attend to them, so what can you do? Here we explain it to you.  

Julieta Alcocer Sánchez, president of Friends of the Animals, explained that the first thing is to take them to a veterinarian, it is essential that the specialist checks them, deworms them and treats them as appropriate, but beware, this action is also depending on your economic situation and It is best to visit a veterinarian who constantly supports this type of cause.  

“I know that this represents work, time and money, you have to clean, you have to feed, it is not easy, much less having puppies. The first thing is to go to a veterinarian and if he is a good veterinarian, he deworms and advises, many make spaces to help them in the follow-up, in the shelter and put them up for adoption, “he declared.  

If you have the possibility, not only financially, but of space and time, another option is to work as a shelter for a few days and you, independently, give them up for adoption, especially if they are puppies, because these, in a shelter, are more likely to get sick, especially if they have not yet been dewormed or vaccinated.  

In case there is space in the shelters to house them, there are at least three in Mazatlan:  

Amigos de los Animales  

Currently, it does not have the space to continue receiving more animals on the street because they are saturated, but they have a veterinary service that can help you, in addition, the fees serve to support the association itself. It is located on Bicentennial Avenue number 3, Colonia Francisco Villa.  

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Santuario Animal “La Esperanza”   

This is one more option, here it is also necessary to contact you to find out if they have the space to receive or not. They are heading to Cereso.  

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Mazatlán Animal Rescue 

They are located in the Gaviotas subdivision, Calle Bravo number 12. They welcome dogs and cats. They are constantly in need of food, medicines, and supplies that support the stay of the animals. Remember to call ahead to find out if they have the space or not.  

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How else can you help? 

Contact both shelters, both need the constant help of citizens, let’s remember that the people of both associations are volunteers, they do not depend financially on the shelters, but they do give their time to help dogs and cats.  

The best way to support and be part of the community is to support financially or in kind, Alcocer Sánchez listed a series of things that can work to be part of.  

“We are in need of cat, puppy and adult croquettes, we combine them with their sachet, sand also for cats and newspaper as well, mainly, but we are open to the donation of more species for all refugee animals”, said the president of Amigos of the animals.  

Another way to support is, in the case of the Animal Sanctuary, to join as volunteers, work and join as a temporary home, as well as the donation of medicines.  

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