Authorities reduce capacity to 60% to avoid more Covid infections in Mazatlán


It will be from Friday, both in stadiums and restaurants, bars and all businesses

Mazatlán, Sin.- After reporting that he authorized the reduction of capacity to 60 percent in all business lines, the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, considered the increase in infections in the city very worrying.

He said that they will be more demanding every moment, in such a way that he authorized lowering the capacity from 75 to 60 percent as of Friday, both in stadiums, restaurants, bars and everywhere, in addition to tourism.

“I have already authorized the capacity to be lowered to 60 percent, even in all places .”

-And the vaccination certificate?

” It cannot be demanded right now because it already fulfilled its function at the time, which was that people get vaccinated, people are already vaccinated and therefore, fortunately, people do not die like before, that is the advantage,” he said.

Benítez Torres considered that the contagion trend is going to return like a strong flu and it is necessary to learn to live with it.

He agreed with Governor Rubén Rocha Moya in ruling out confinement and reiterated that they have not canceled the Carnival, but are waiting to see how the pandemic evolves, because any decision will be collegiate, among all, including with the Ministry of Health.

” If it ends up as a strong flu, as it is, there might be possibilities, but we will be very responsible because normally the recovery of the infected takes a period of five days, ” he said.

The Municipal President said that they are going to think about whether the celebration of Carnival is submitted for consultation, because what they least want is to cause damage and that they are the reason for the increase in the number of infected in the city.


The Mazatlan Post