Mazatlan: API will have resources for dredging and other projects this year


Two projects enter the Puerto Ciudad program and another from the Navy, noting changes in Mazatlán for the second semester of 2022, said Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infazón

MAZATLÁN.- It has always been speculated that when a public resource is labeled it must be exercised, otherwise it is lost, however, in the case of the new port and the cruise terminal, that money is already insured and is used because it is used, was what the director of the Integral Port Administration, Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infazón said.

He mentioned that 2022 will bring significant changes in Mazatlán from the dredging projects, which although they are not seen with the naked eye, are important, as well as the remodeling of the pier and even breakwaters.

“I am sure that in about six months you will see a very important change, the dredging is not seen but it is a very important job … we are going to start with the cruise terminal, I believe that from March or April,” he declared.

What other projects are coming?

At the end of September, the API and the state government gave the banner for the continuity of Delfín Avenue, this project together with the remodeling of the Research, Food and Development Center will have important advances this new year, entering a program that will be It has at the federal level called Puerto-Ciudad.

“The money for the new port will not have any problem, the Secretariat of the Navy will give it to us and we will continue with what we have left, we will finish the dredging, we will finish Delfín Street, we will begin the cruise terminal, which is something very important for Mazatlán ”, he added.

The director of the API assured that they have resources for everything and that during 2022 they will manage the resource of the second stage of the cruise terminal and that it will continue until 2023.

How much money are you talking about?

Ancona Infazón specific that will be from 800 to 900 million pesos for this type of projects that are taken from the Federal Government and are delivered by the Secretary of the Navy.

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