Mazatlan will seek to create more green areas


According to the Municipal Planning Institute (IMPLAN) only 7 percent of Mazatlán are green areas.

MAZATLAN. – Your neighborhood used to have a park where you went to play as a child, but now it is totally forgotten? Well, in 2022, with the Urban Improvement Program, the city’s green areas will be a priority for the municipal government.

Jorge Estavillo Kelly, head of the Urban Planning and Development Directorate, reported that together with municipal Social Welfare they are working on the creation of urban improvement projects, where all existing green areas will be rescued, as well as the rehabilitation and construction of others more.

“Of course, the municipal president has already mentioned it, a very strong resource comes from the Federal Government with the PMU, where they are going to rescue all the green areas that are abandoned in the colonies,” he said.

He recognized that some of these green areas are seen by citizens only as wastelands or garbage dumps where everyone can leave their waste there, no matter how necessary and beneficial they are for everyone.

What is sought with the PMU is a comprehensive improvement of neighborhoods, consisting of rehabilitation, public spaces, and development of equipment; replacement, repair, and implementation of urban infrastructure.

Let us remember that during the next three years, it is estimated that Mazatlán will receive 500 million pesos annually to be able to carry out the urban improvement works that are planned.

According to the Municipal Planning Institute (IMPLAN) only 7 percent of Mazatlán are green areas. If this percentage continues to decline, the city could be in trouble due to the lack of such spaces that are so important for humans and living beings.

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Urban green areas are of great relevance since they provide a better quality of life and benefits such as:

  • Noise and temperature regulation
  • Improved air quality through carbon dioxide capture
  • Decrease in soil erosion
  • Increase in biodiversity


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