How much will be spent on toll booths from Tijuana to Mazatlán?


Mazatlán is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Pacific and if you are about to make a trip from the most important border city of Mexico, check here what you should know.

The Northwest of the country is full of unmissable places to visit, among them the Sinaloan port of Mazatlán is one of the favorites because the beach brings together places of interest for all tastes with a historic center full of culture and atmosphere. So that you do not complicate when making the budget for this road trip from Tijuana to Mazatlán, here we show you the information about the booths you will need.

Tijuana is today the most famous border city in all of Mexico, since in addition to being the starting point of many travelers to the United States, it is the starting point for foreigners who seek to know the tourist places of Mexico, and there is no doubt that many trips have the beautiful beaches of Mazatlán contemplated.

How much will be spent on booths from Tijuana to Mazatlán in 2021?

For your trip from Tijuana to Mazatlan by car, you will have to travel 1,880 kilometers, so a long journey of approximately 1 day awaits you, which will be worth it when you reach the beaches of the Pearl of the Pacific.

It is important that during your trip you take the necessary breaks and breaks to be able to recharge energy and make this
road trip the most enjoyable and interesting. Even this getaway can be a great idea to see the most important sites on the
Pacific Northwest coast.

In the event that you want to set aside the money that you will allocate to each of them, we will break it down for you below:

Tijuana: $127 pesos

El Hongo: $87 pesos

La Rumorosa: $25 pesos

Mexicali: $86 pesos

San Luis Rio Colorado: $13 pesos

Santa Ana: $115 pesos

Fundición: $93 pesos

La Jaula: $93 pesos

San Miguel: $80 pesos

Las Brisas: $61 pesos

Culiacán: $61 pesos

San Pedro: $34 pesos

Costa Rica: $154 pesos

Mármol: $131 pesos

Now that you know each of the information you need to make your road trip from the city of Tijuana to the beautiful port of
Mazatlán, you can easily plan and make a much more precious travel budget to enjoy the tourist attractions that the
Northwest of Mexico.

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