Rumors of Costco coming to Mazatlan have yet to be confirmed by the Mayor


The Mayor assumes that a large number of companies plan to establish themselves in Mazatlán.

All the investments for the city are good, small, medium, and large, are welcomed, said Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

There are a large number of companies that plan to establish themselves in Mazatlán, especially commercial stores, developments, hotels, stated Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and the Secretary of the City Council, Édgar Augusto González Zaaráin.

The Municipal President said that it would be appropriate for them to establish a Costco chain store in Mazatlán because when he goes to Culiacán he takes the opportunity to do some shopping and finds many Mazatlecos there, Costco would surely do well in Mazatlan.

“All the investments for the city are good, small, medium, and large, so they would be welcomed,” continued Benítez Torres.

“We support all businessmen by removing the burden of tax payments, reducing them, depending on the amounts they are going to invest, welcome everyone who wants to Mazatlán, there are other (companies) that are out there looking (to come to this city), but I am not very clear about them yet ”.

The Mayor said that the case where the Plaza de Toros is currently in Mazatlán is an issue that he does not bring up because it is a private asset alienated by the SAT (Tax Administration System), so that case is unknown.

The Secretary of the City Council said that there are a large number of companies that come to Mazatlán, especially commercial chains, developments, hotels.

“The truth is we are talking with the Mayor, there are a large number of companies that come to Mazatlán, especially commercial chains, developments, hotels because the truth is that there is an effervescence that has been achieved in these through the growth that Mazatlán brings, which is one of the points ”, continued González Zararáin.

“Yesterday we were looking at the statistics, which is the one that currently has the highest hotel occupancy in the entire country at this time.”

He said that the Costco commercial store has wanted to come to the port for some time, but information and more details have not been presented to the mayor Mayor.

He also stated that apparently next to what is the Plaza de Toros they intend to build condominium towers.

Costco chain expected to arrive in Mazatlan

Miguel Hernández Fonseca, president of the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce, mentioned that the arrival of these companies and the return of some could be seen coming, as the port is increasing its competitiveness and is becoming a city of long-term growth.

With the return of Caffenio, Pizza Hut, and the announcement of the construction of a Costco, Mazatlán will do very well in 2022, said Miguel Hernández Fonseca

Currently, he pointed out, the Mazatlán City Council has approximately 75 projects, which are with an application for an arrival permit, others are already leaving, including stores, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Hernández Fonseca emphasized that today is the time to invest in the port, but not only in it but in the state, in the north with Los Mochis, the center with Culiacán and also in the south, with Mazatlán, also benefiting neighboring municipalities such as Concordia, Rosario, Escuinapa and San Ignacio.

The president of Canaco remarked that entrepreneurs are always looking for where to invest their money, in this case, these stores such as Costco, are going to arrive more and other brands, the other pizzerias because among them they make national maps and place themselves where they see them. future.

In the first triennium of 2022 we will continue to see new brands that did not exist in Mazatlán or that return because it is the phenomenon,” he said.

And although inflation is a global phenomenon, Hernández Fonseca commented that even so, no losses are expected in the development of Sinaloa, especially Mazatlán.


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