Mazatlan City Council exceeds the goal of 30 million in Property Tax collections


There is only one day left to pay with 100% discounts on fines and surcharges, announces the director of Municipal Revenues

Mazatlán.- The Municipal Government, through the Directorate of Revenues, announced that it has already exceeded the goal of 30 million in the collection of Property Tax, this nine days after the end of the campaign for the cancellation of 100 and 50 percent in fines and surcharges on this lien.

Javier Enríquez Bastidas, head of the Municipal Revenue Directorate, was pleased and on behalf of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres thanked and congratulated the Mazatlecos, because they have always distinguished themselves in fulfilling this obligation.

“We are very happy and grateful to the citizens of Mazatlán, for the excellent response they have always had when they come to comply with their obligation to pay the Property Tax. This campaign to cancel 100 percent in fines and surcharges began on November 25 and closes on December 24 “.

He said that, as of Tuesday, December 21, the Mazatlán City Council reached a collection of 30 million 506 thousand 450 pesos, a fact that is thanks to the trust that citizens have placed in the Municipal President and in his Administration.

Enríquez Bastidas mentioned that around 5,000 taxpayers caught up, and took the opportunity to invite citizens to benefit from the 100 percent reductions in fines and surcharges until the 24th, since from December 26 to 31 it will only be the 50 percent discount.


The Mazatlan Post