Topolobampo, Sinaloa will receive visitors from the cruise ship MS Zuiderdam


The economy of the north of the state is expected to reactivate with this visit, in which travelers will be taken to the Copper Canyon, El Fuerte, and Villa de Ahome.

The cruise ship MS Zuiderdam, of the Holland America shipping company, will arrive at the port of Topolobampo, the first and only this year, with 1,300 passengers and 800 crew members, highlighted Verónica Medel Arce, Director of Tourism at Ahome.

On a daily basis, people from other countries and states arrive at the motor transport, rail, port, and air terminals, where they carry and bring viruses, reported the director of municipal Health, Ramón López Félix

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- During the next arrival of the cruise ship MS Zuiderdam to the port of Topolobampo on December 30, the Municipal Health Directorate in Ahome, in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism, will install a preventive sanitary filter to receive visitors, in order to avoid the possible transmission of new strains of COVID-19, reported the head of Municipal Health, Ramón López Félix.

“The municipal Health Directorate in Ahome, in coordination with the Tourism Secretariat, has to go to receive the cruise and we have to take our staff, our doctors and nurses, to take the temperature of the visitors, give gel to those who do not bring, make them aware of the use of face masks, give face masks to those who need them, invite them to visit the city in a calm way “.

In addition to the cruise, in this December holiday season, there is a lot of mobility of travelers to visit their family, so that many people arrive daily from other countries and states to the motor transport, rail, port, and air terminals, where many people take and It carries viruses, therefore, he said, the call to the population is to continue keeping physical distance, wear a mask and wash their hands constantly.


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