“We cannot be hostages to the whims of mayors”: Deputy, on conflict with Culiacan mayor


Citizens can protect themselves because they want to cancel the discounts of the Property because a 6 percent increase was not approved, warned Adolfo Beltrán Corrales

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The mayor of Culiacán Jesús Estrada Ferreiro should be reviewed because he is unbalanced or he himself understands that he does things that border on madness such as trying to eliminate the property discounts because the 6 percent that he raised to the Congress, said Adolfo Beltrán Corrales.

The coordinator of the National Action Party bench of the 64th Legislature affirmed that the deputies are not going to be hostages of the municipal president and they are not going to allow him to violate the norm and the citizens themselves could go under protection if he does not grant them the benefit that contemplates the law.

“Let him forget, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro has no powers to do that, because whoever believes for the love of God cannot be. I think we are seeing levels, I do not know if of madness or of what, but the mayor and any authority of the state, the municipality, the federation has to abide by the law. We cannot be hostage to the whims of the mayor, ”he said.

He regretted that the mayor of Culiacán has gone to Congress to confront the popular representatives of Morena and because he does not have an echo in his proposal, now it occurs to him to affect the citizens in the collection of the 2022 Property and for that reason, he can be called to accounts by Congress.

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