Oxxo Stores donates 30,000 face masks to the Government of Mazatlán


The accessories will be distributed to the entire population

MAZATLÁN.- A donation in kind, consisting of 30 thousand face masks and 30 benches, was delivered by the Oxxo commercial chain to the Municipal Government headed by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, who highlighted the company’s commitment to the well-being of the community.

Chemist Benitez received in his office this Wednesday afternoon Héder Bautista, Oxxo Expansion Manager; Luis Gurrola Delgado, in charge of Expansion and Natalia Ramírez Pantoja, of Relations with Authorities.

The Municipal President said that with the 30 thousand face masks, his Administration will strengthen the strategy to control and mitigate the contagion of Covid-19, especially before a possible arrival of the new strain of the virus, called Omicron, and in the case of the benches, will be placed in strategic places that benefit the community.

«We are with a new program to protect ourselves against what could come. It cannot catch us the same; although it is less lethal (the new strain of the virus Sars-Cov-2), but we cannot trust ourselves ».

For his part, Héder Bautista said he was sure that these donations in the hands of the municipal authorities, will reach those who need it most in the city.

«To give back a little bit of the great collaboration that there is here with you. This contribution is undoubtedly the awareness that we as a company bring, on the economic issue, also adding the human value, of caring for the lives of all dependencies, in addition to knowing that this reaches, through you, where it is most they need.

Source: punto.mx

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