Gate maintenance leaves areas of Mazatlán without water service


The manager of the Potable Water and Sewerage Board assures that today the service will be restored throughout the city.

MAZATLÁN.- Up to 30 percent decreased spending on water production in the Los Horcones water treatment plant due to maintenance work carried out on the floodgates system of the Irrigation District, which generated low pressure in the pipes and it affected the service to the upper areas of the city yesterday. 

Jumapam reported through a statement that today, Friday, the water supply will be normalized throughout the city, since personnel from this paramunicipal and Conagua corrected the situation. 

The manager of Jumapam, Osbaldo López Angulo, explained that this decrease in the capacity of the channels occurred since Wednesday night, causing the water treatment plant to reduce its spending to 1,350 liters per second, and despite the fact that Miravalles remained at 400 lps, the production was not enough to maintain the demand of the urban area throughout Thursday. 

“As a result of the maintenance that Conagua carries out on the gates of its channels, it caused us a drop in production, for a short time, at the Horcones Plant, this led to a low pressure in some colonies,” he said. 

The paramunicipal official pointed out that they are working in coordination with the federal agency in restoring supply. 

Faced with the drop in supply, Jumapam was taking water in pipes to the pumps, to reinforce the supply in the areas where the pressure in the distribution network dropped. It is estimated that today service will be restored throughout the city 


The Mazatlan Post